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2013 TV135 asteroid may hit Earth in 2032, but NASA says not to worry

Asteroid 2013 TV135 can hit Earth in 2032, but NASA says do not worry that the world will end in 2032? Not quite. Ukrainian scientists have discovered a massive asteroid named TV135 2013 and predicted that it will reach in 19 years now, but NASA experts who follow this Earth space debris chances against a strike. Learn more about ABC News
It’s raining satellite : gravity field explorer Europe fall to the ground back … A satellite of the European Space Agency a ton for four years, is the mapping of the gravity of the earth, ran out of fuel and will come in two weeks. Atmosphere again While his descent is continuously monitored, the point of impact is still unknown … Learn more about rel = “nofollow”
Get an incredible view earth From 19 Miles Up – For a fresh K A new company Arizona joined the outer edges of the tourism sector for passengers who want a dark sky and the curvature of the earth, to see everything aboard a suborbital rocket and pay crazy entry found. “Seeing the earth … Learn more about Wired

Juno NASA Snaps Photo Earth on the way to Jupiter 8000 pounds (3267 kg) solar spacecraft will arrive in orbit Jupiter July 4, 2016, and for a full year of earth study. the atmosphere of the gas giant, gravity and magnetic field Scientists hope the probe is … Learn more about