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China tries Clean Up Toxic Legacy Its Rare Earth Rich

China tries Clean Up toxic legacy of its unusual Earth Rich TIANJIN, China – In northern China, near the Mongolian border, contaminated by radioactivity leaks two decades refining rare earth are slowly flowed underground to the Yellow River, a major source of water for 150 million people. learn more about
marijuana grower exposed by Google Earth U.S. Police use the Google Earth satellite imagery for illegal lines of marijuana plants are grown identifier. Drug farmer authorities Oregon used a plane to satellite information taken in June, where dozens of plants showed check … Read more about rel = “nofollow” The Guardian

life on earth To hit brick wall in another 500 million years The flap – spurred by an article in the journal Astrobiology – bequeathed future warming carbon dioxide (CO2) to cover “compensation limit,” says James Kasting, a global leading scientist at Penn State University, whose use by … Read more on